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Who Am I?

As an experienced Fractional Marketing Director, I am Samuel Smith, your Small Business Surgeon. With a knack for diagnosing business challenges, treating marketing shortcomings, and scaling growth, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking, professional expertise, and innovative solutions to your business.
I delve deep beneath the surface, understanding the root cause of your business challenges, and offer holistic and effective marketing solutions that go beyond treating the symptoms.

Are you Fed Up with constantly chasing more revenue?

I know I was. It always seemed like just as soon as I’d get ahead, something would go wrong again and I’d be flat on my ass wondering where all my money went. That’s the life of the entrepreneur, right? WRONG! It’s the life of an Entrpreneur with no systems! You’re kidding right? All I need is a system to be succesful at this stuff?
Nope, I’m not kidding, that’s all you need.
A system to bring it all together. Everything that you know you should be doing to be succesful at business, but you’re just not sure how to get there. A proven and tested way to grow your business by actively attracting your ideal clients, instead of just burning money chasing them with countless failed “Boosted Posts” to a Facebook page nobody’s engaging with. A way to become the authority in your niche and a trusted, valued resource your customers reach out to time after time.
And most importantly…
I’ll show you how to keep your pipeline full of qualified leads, reengage those leads and turn them into lifelong, satisfied customers that send you business at every opportunity.


Strategic Marketing Direction

Navigate the complexities of digital marketing with personalized strategies tailored to boost your business growth.

Optimized CRM Systems

Streamline your customer relationship management with automated software solutions designed to enhance your lead generation and engagement.

Content Creation & Management

Bring your brand to life with engaging content and strategic social media marketing that establishes you as an authority in your industry.

What i do

My Approach
As your Fractional Marketing Director, my commitment goes beyond just delivering services. I am dedicated to working closely with you, understanding your business objectives, and developing tailored marketing strategies that align with your goals. From managing marketing budgets, overseeing internal teams or external agencies, tracking performance metrics, to guiding marketing initiatives, I ensure all aspects are meticulously handled to maximize your ROI.
My Approach
Why Fractional?
A Fractional Marketing Director provides the perfect blend of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This engagement model allows you to access high-level marketing expertise without the full-time commitment and expense. By dedicating a portion of my time to each of my clients, I deliver high-value outcomes without stretching your resources.
Why Fractional?
Your Success is My Mission
Your success is my ultimate goal. I strive to enhance your market positioning, bolster customer acquisition, and drive the overall success of your business by addressing your marketing challenges. Allow me to diagnose, treat, and scale your business, one strategy at a time.
Your Success is My Mission

Our Team


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Ashley Jones


Tess Brown

Together, we'll turn your business into a well oiled, revenue generating machine