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The topic of today’s blog is lessons. I wanted to compare how we learned in school to how we learn now. The fact that, as an adult, tests take precedence over lessons. As a result, we frequently fail on the first couple of attempts. Don’t be disheartened. Continue. The theory is generally associated with the classroom. While practical knowledge is a lesson learned by taking action, being hands-on, and completing a task.


In school, we learn the material then we’re given a test, and then we pass or fail the test. In life, it’s kind of flipped on its head. The lessons of life are far more important to entrepreneurs than anything that rant in the classroom. So practical experiences that hold us set the path through life for us. Most of us don’t get a practical lesson on saving. The first time most people have to learn the same is when they are born out of their parent’s house. Don’t take the lesson to absolutely have to take it.

I speak from personal experience and will speak from experience of selling a lot of real estate. How many of us are hired too slow? It seems to be a never-ending cycle that goes on in businesses until they go through the process of establishing their core values. People that have the same core values are the ones that drive the company. But you will never implement core values in your business until you feel the need to feel some pain and external forcing. There is no substitute in education for experience.

Most people just work at a job and then the light right if you start a business give them the lessons that they need to succeed. You don’t learn how to think around problems until you have problems. I know that sometimes you’re anxious. Hire a mentor and use their experience as a lesson. They’ve already been through a lot and they fail more times than you. There’s so much further ahead of the game. Even if you haven’t made it yet, keep working towards your goals. Your journey is the most worthwhile thing in the world. Keep going.

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