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Real Estate Marketing

Sam’s experience in video marketing is evidenced by his impressive track record, most notably when he and the team sold a ranch property that had languished on the market for four years – in just under five months. Leveraging his marketing skills, Sam developed a targeted video campaign that not only captured the essence and potential of the property but also sold the idea of the ranch to the ideal buyer demographic.

This hybrid approach of video content combined with the right audience not only led to a swift sale but also showed the power of digital marketing strategies in traditionally challenging sectors like real estate. It’s the understanding of audiences plus results-driven approach that Sam brings to all his ventures, from consulting to real estate and beyond.

Lyne Ranch / Aggieland Safari

Here, we took a ranch that had been on the market for four years, and sold it in under 5 months.

College Station Miramont Development

Working with Land Developer building the sales and marketing for Midtown College Station.

Rock Lake Ranch

Marketing video for a beautiful ranch

With a 15 year background in Real Estate, and Oil and Gas law, Sam is not just another marketer; he’s a former professional landman with a deep-rooted understanding of intricate land deals – just like the one in the example above!

Don’t believe us? Read a few of his reviews on Zillow:

Real Estate Flips

Real Estate Flip Before

Real Estate Flip After

Here’s some images from the flip-reference the two matterport tours above for complete before and after tours of the home

Watch the show “Alex and Sam Flip a House”

Sam is always looking for his next real estate deal! If you’ve got a piece of property you’d like to sell, or if you’re looking for an investment property for you to flip yourself, Sam is the strategist you’ll want by your side. A formerly licensed real estate agent with a wealth of experience and a track record of turning the impossible into the achievable, he’s ready to guide you through your next big move in the property market.

Sam has renovated and flipped multiple properties, starting with single family homes in 2004 and moving to commercial properties, including a Law Office, an RV park and a Car Dealership. So, whether you're eyeing a straightforward land flip or navigating the complexities of a substantial real estate venture, Sam's multifaceted expertise makes him the go-to strategist to guide you through your next big move in the property market.