Two Families

Hey guys! For today’s blog episode of our Friday Fire, we will talk about the two kinds of families that we have. The first is the family of birth and the second is the family of choice. So, your family of birth is your mom and your dad, your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, maybe for you who still got those. I am extremely blessed with my family, there are four of us, I’ve got two sisters and a brother. And we’re all relatively successful. I can still remember getting my ass whooped when I needed it and I didn’t need it. My parents were supportive and loving. While a lot of blood families are not good people. A lot of you guys have families that are a best very less agents of average.


For every great thing that you accomplish. There’s an equal and opposite reaction. For everything good that you do for every step ahead of that, somebody’s going to come and try you and oftentimes, that’s your family. They’ll come at you, the monkey plans. And they’ll shoot you down every time they’ll call you a snob for paying somebody $60 to mow your yard. When you make $60 an hour, spending two or three hours mowing the yard makes no sense whatsoever.

A lot of you are stuck in a cycle of showing loyalty to psychopaths. Loyalty to these kinds of people is far more in the long term than the short-term pain of ripping off the band-aid. Having a family that isn’t loyal and is not in alignment with your core values and how you want to live. It’s just the same as employees that don’t fit your core values.

With me and my family and my people, we’ll let you know that it’s okay to back off on the ship. Take inventory of who you are allowing into your life and how you are spending your most precious resource which is time. You’ve got to start letting go of people that are bringing your family of choice is more important. We just start attracting people aligned with the goals that you have and put together a family that can work towards a future that looks successful.

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